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With OneSite, you'll get a Totally Free and reliable Web Hosting for your site, with Unlimited space. A web hosting is needed to connect your website to the world and make it online for everyone. If you are a developer, you can use it to code and host your website. If you are just beginning, you can use our Website Builder and automatic installs to create your site, and it'll get automatically hosted in our free hosting; you don't need to worry about anything. Our Free Hosting is unique, it comes with cPanel®, the latest cloud technology and it's the industry's best. We're an open, innovative startup. We want to become the website standard. A better way to create and put online any kind of website is now possible. What are you waiting for? Start now

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Let's get serious about web hosting. We provide the industry's best web hosting with a truly unprecedent 99.99% uptime, cPanel®, Unlimited Disk Space, Fast and with the latest technologies, completely for free. You won't get anything as good at this price. Made with love from developers, for developers. From our hosting you'll be able to code your own website through FTP, with HTML, PHP, CSS, JS etc. Opportunities are endless! In addition, our free hosting also comes with 1 MySQL database and 1 Webmail account. Finally, OneSite also comes with Free SSL (Let's Encrypt) which you can also setup from the super powerful cPanel®, the favorite control panel for web developers. You'll also be able to create your awesome project with our automatic installs (ie WordPress). We're a serious and open company, that provides the very best completely reliable hosting at the best price. A better web hosting experience is here. Create and host your web project with us.

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Create a complete and free website for your company. No coding required. You'll be able to create your site with our awesome Website Builder and add a blog with our automatic WordPress install. Hundreds of seamless designs are waiting for you. In addition, you'll be able to add e-commerce to your site automatically, so that your users can buy directly from your site. We won't place any ads or branding on your website, which will be mobile friendly and optimized to appear on the first results for Google. In addition, you'll get 1 Corporate Email address (ie. And all of these for free. You won't find a better alternative!

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