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    Thu Jul 6 04:16:12 2017

    @fvsegarra Thank you! Moved my site to another hosting, so you can delete my account. Have a good luck to all of you, guys and bye!

  2. Tue Jul 4 18:30:13 2017

    @fvsegarra Hi there,
    The Free Plan has been discontinued. To reactivate your site do please let us know and we will upgrade it to PRO for €0.99 the first month!

    Let me back up my files, please

  3. Mon Jul 3 23:17:09 2017

    I need to make a backup of my files, please unsuspend my account

  4. Mon Jul 3 15:39:51 2017
    P platitude started the conversation Account suspended without any reason!.

    Hello. My account has been suspended without any reason. I configured my website to limit resources with .htaccess, so it's not possible to reach limits i've set. Unsuspend my account, please

  5. Wed Apr 19 18:40:21 2017

    Hello. Do you plan to move completely to your new domain or it's not necessary to change NS servers?

  6. Fri Mar 31 08:35:19 2017
    P platitude posted in Still Confused by Let's Encrypt.

    @Automata @aprime2003 I must say OneSite is #1 Free hosting if they have an automated let's encrypt renewal feature! Thank you!

  7. Wed Mar 29 21:21:31 2017
    P platitude posted in Still Confused by Let's Encrypt.

    @aprime2003 I'm not from support, but i'll try to help you.

    1. I think that administrator forgot to update /or/and configure this module.
    2. No, you should do it manually, because of issue from previous question. Waiting for respective answer from administrator in this topic...
    3. Where did you find that?
  8. Wed Mar 29 09:52:21 2017
    P platitude posted in Fizebot what is it?.

    @tykari Already listening by direct stream link =)

  9. Sat Mar 25 14:52:12 2017

    @Christian remove link

  10. Sat Mar 25 01:55:33 2017
    P platitude posted in Domain propagation.

    @bavs I'm not the one from the support team, but i'll try to help you. Try to clear your DNS cache. More information: https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/How+To+Clear+Your+DNS+Cache

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