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    Sun Jul 9 21:56:32 2017

    By private you leave a suggestion of hosting I hope you help of greetings

  2. Sat Apr 15 14:56:17 2017
    segun2 posted in Unlimited is Back.

    perfect ☺

  3. Sun Mar 26 03:32:39 2017
    segun2 posted in Disk Space modification.

    perfecto :P

  4. Wed Mar 22 03:39:44 2017
    segun2 posted in Google "OneSite".

    Unstoppable in venezuela number one :P

  5. Wed Mar 22 03:19:36 2017

    @epicureasian Hi again, I still am not able to login to cpanel with the acct creds sent to me. I'm getting login invalid whenever i try to access it's not taking too long to respond. I've tried different networks just to make sure it's not a local connectivity issue.

    Hello surely the server of ip address blocked its ip address for several attempts of connection if you can not see your web or delay in loading the panel is by the ip share your ip with the administrators so that they can verify if it is blocked thus releasing it

  6. Wed Mar 22 03:12:41 2017
    segun2 posted in Alternative to Wix.

    Alternative to all free and some payments hosting is definitely 'onesite' 100% quality guaranteed and support 24/7 :D

  7. Wed Mar 22 03:09:12 2017
    segun2 posted in Fizebot what is it?.

    could be guns and roses, korn, disturbed, marilyn manson, limp bizkit, lamb of god, and metallica, black zabaath, Foo Fighters, nirvana, megadeth, green day

  8. Thu Mar 16 04:06:42 2017
    segun2 posted in Server Down?.

    Hello, your ip address has been blocked by multiple attempts to connect, you can provide it to administrators, so check if it is blocked and proceed to unblock it, all the servers of onesite are active.

  9. Thu Mar 16 03:57:24 2017
    segun2 posted in Fizebot what is it?.

    Hey excellent web project @tykari haha in your radio also put rock music? sounds good ;)

  10. Sat Mar 4 03:17:40 2017
    segun2 posted in Google "OneSite".

    Venezuela number one :3 onesite

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