A last note from OneSite's CEO

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    5 Jul 2017 Administrator
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    Hello guys,
    How are you? This has been a very long and exciting journey I have to say :) This will most likely the last thread I open in OneSite's Community. OneSite has been acquired by the Spanish company Sered , which is significantly bigger than us.

    I started developing OneSite when I was 19, so in the summer of 2016 (almost a year ago), and then launched it on September that year. I started OneSite with a free business model, with the goal of growing as fast as possible, for as little as possible. The plan worked out, and we were growing superfast in a very crowded industry. We then added our PRO Plan, and although we were still growing superfast and were financially sustainable, we were not getting enough people to switch to our PRO Plan to make any significant profits. Although our total amount of PRO users was growing, our total amount of free users was growing as well, what left us with too small profit margins for the freemium business model to be attractive. It would have probably worked on an industry with less competitors, as we would have reached enough people to make those small margins big numbers faster. However, for us to reach that point, it would have taken way too long. So long that maybe then web hosting wouldn't even be a thing. We wanted to make it big, and with this we weren't. People like Mike, Delfin, Tykari and Ilya helped me on this project, and I appreciate that a lot. It's a pitty we didn't make it big enough. I certainly enjoyed the journey and learned a few things on the way.

    For all of these, after hitting over 11k total clients, I decided that it was time to give up on OneSite myself. After going through various potential buyers, we decided that Sered was the best option. They were the biggest and most professional web hosting company that got interested on us, and we thought that they would best manage our paid client base. Our paid clients will experience an improvement in the uptime and speed of their websites, as their new servers will be significantly better. No changes are needed from the clients side, this is simply a change in ownership. Sered will continue with OneSite as a paid web hosting business, to keep on increasing their client base. I also left the company where I had been working for the last 2 years, Hostinger International. I felt like I shuold start focusing on something bigger. It was time for a change.

    Feel free to follow me on my social media to see what I'm up to: Twitter , LinkedIn , Medium

    Thanks a lot for everything guys :) We made a very awesome community of friends here!

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    Check out my next big project at https://internxt.io/


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