Can't Adjust privileges in my MyPHPAdmin

  1. last year

    I need to adjust privileges and I can't. I am getting an error because I can't adjust privileges in my table. It forcing a null and will not allow any data to be inserted in the table. How do I remotely access myphpadmin. It seem my user privileges need to be adjusted.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to access phpmyadmin remotely at this moment. Accessing it through cPanel should not give any issues

  2. fvsegarra

    30 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Hi there,
    We're checking into this :)
    Just a sec

  3. fvsegarra

    30 Jun 2017 Administrator

    MyPHPAdmin is only accessible via cPanel

  4. Please check on this and let me know. Null -Adjust privileges

    6.39 What is the “Adjust privileges” option when renaming, copying, or moving a database, table, column, or procedure?

    When renaming/copying/moving a database/table/column/procedure, MySQL does not adjust the original privileges relating to these objects on its own. By selecting this option, phpMyAdmin will adjust the privilege table so that users have the same privileges on the new items.

    For example: A user 'bob'@'localhost‘ has a ‘SELECT’ privilege on a column named ‘id’. Now, if this column is renamed to ‘id_new’, MySQL, on its own, would not adjust the column privileges to the new column name. phpMyAdmin can make this adjustment for you automatically.


    While adjusting privileges for a database, the privileges of all database-related elements (tables, columns and procedures) are also adjusted to the database’s new name.
    Similarly, while adjusting privileges for a table, the privileges of all the columns inside the new table are also adjusted.
    While adjusting privileges, the user performing the operation must have the following privileges:
    SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE privileges on following tables: mysql.`db`, mysql.`columns_priv`, mysql.`tables_priv`, mysql.`procs_priv`
    FLUSH privilege (GLOBAL)

    Thus, if you want to replicate the database/table/column/procedure as it is while renaming/copying/moving these objects, make sure you have checked this option.

  5. The user does have all the privileges mark. Like insert, view, etc...

  6. It seem to happen when I added a new table to the database. I now obtain SQLSTATE[42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table Mail.SubEmails' doesn't exist. I am staring right at the table.

  7. I cant seem to check mark the adjust privileges in the row and I need to be able to make changes. It all greyed out and if I check mark null, it will check mark it.

  8. Now I fix some issues on my end but SQLSTATE[23000]: Integrity constraint violation: 1048 Column 'Fname' cannot be null

  9. fvsegarra

    30 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Have you tried accessing phpmyadmin through your cPanel?

  10. I.have Been using the panel the whole time and that is why I asked if I could access remotely instead. I try to seen a screenshot later

  11. fvsegarra

    1 Jul 2017 Administrator Answer

    Unfortunately it is not possible to access phpmyadmin remotely at this moment. Accessing it through cPanel should not give any issues

  12. I found out why things were not working. Thanks for checking things out.

  13. fvsegarra

    9 Jul 2017 Administrator



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