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    I'm having a hell of a time finding a way to get support on this issue, since the sign up account link given to me goes to Finally, I switched the url to, and it let me get here. appears to be down, and my website hosted on is also down. This is a really big problem for me. Does anyone else have this issue? Is there something I need to do to alter my domain? Is this known and being fixed? Something else?

    Pretty urgently need help on this.


    my site is

  2. fvsegarra

    24 Jun 2017 Administrator

    OneSite.WebSite is up and running. (our old domain) redirects to our new domain, OneSite.WebSite. Everything's working properly :)

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    Well. I just switched the namespaces on my registrar to NS1.ONESITE.WEBSITE, and the same thing for NS2. Once this propagates, will my problem likely be resolved?

    Also, just FYI, from my network, only the home page is redirecting. So doesn't redirect. When I registered this account to send this communication, I was sent a verification link that only worked when I switched the TLD to website manually, and left everything else the same.

  4. fvsegarra

    25 Jun 2017 Administrator

    @mike could you please look into this?

  5. @fvsegarra - you didn't answer my question. So far it seems not. According to whois command line tool, my domain has propagated to new namespace, but ip shows up as the same when using ping, and I cannot load the site.

  6. Unidentified

    27 Jun 2017 Administrator

    @examinedliving Your site is loading for me. Also, ns1 and point to the same ips as ns1 and
    Thanks for pointing out the broken redirect on the community, I will get this resolved.

  7. @mike Thanks. Currently my account is suspended. Don't know why this is.

  8. fvsegarra

    4 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Hi there,
    We discontinued our Free Plan. You will need to let us know if you want to upgade for the exclusive price of 0.99€ the first month for our PRO Plan to be able to get your site back online with us


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