Creating a Decentralized Internet

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    23 Jun 2017 Administrator
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    As promised a few weeks ago, we've been starting to build a decentralized web hosting, which will help make the internet more decentralized. Here's a roadmap of what's ahead for these huge improvements:

    I've started looking for someone to help me out develop the future of the internet, so that we can do this as fast and efficient as possible. You can apply for the position here . During the next 6 months, we will create a whitepaper, create OneSite's own cryptocurrency and do an ICO. We'll start developing this new technology and expect to finish this year.

    By making our web hosting decentralized, we will be encrypting and distributing websites into different machines. We expect these websites to be accessible by anyone just like regular websites, but will be much more secure than any other website around, as passwords and sensible information will be completely encrypted, splitted into small pieces and distributed in a secure network. We expect to create a similar network to the one at Future progress will be posted here!

    Feel free to join us in slack :)


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