Why is it pending? I'm actived account.

  1. last year

    Hosting is still pending while I have confirmed the account. Help me

  2. fvsegarra

    21 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Is your account still not active?

  3. I am looking for a free hosting to check my source code. That hositng request must be able to point to the subdomain *. Onesite is a perfect choice but it was not able to use freenom domain. I just want to test my source code, if it's stable I'll rent hosting and domain to business.

  4. fvsegarra

    22 Jun 2017 Administrator

    try 000webhost to get a free domain maybe! :D

  5. I've try. Failed :(

  6. By private you leave a suggestion of hosting I hope you help of greetings


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