How can i use the coupon?

  1. last year

    Hi i want to use the first month of pro plan but also i want used this coupon VIPUPGRADE for 0.99E, i actually have a website here.

  2. fvsegarra

    7 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Hi there! :)
    I've applied the coupon to your invoice #8605
    As soon as it's paid we'll approve your PRO account!

  3. @fvsegarra Hi i actually dont see it, can u activate again please? the facture was canceled

  4. fvsegarra

    14 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Invoice 8605 marked as unpaid again so that you can proceed with the payment! :)

  5. Isnt appears

  6. fvsegarra

    17 Jun 2017 Administrator
    Edited last year by fvsegarra

    Please try again or you can also just send €0,99 to
    contact @ onesite . website

  7. I paid but still appears that i dont. And i cant enter on cpanel

  8. fvsegarra

    17 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Invoice marked as paid (we sometimes check payments manually). Your account has been created again. Do please let us know if you need further assistance :)

  9. Can u reactivate my site?
    Este paquete de alojamiento es actualmente Suspendido.
    No puede seguir utilizando o administrando este paquete hasta que sea reactivado.

    U delete all my page?

  10. fvsegarra

    18 Jun 2017 Administrator

    All fixed
    Shall we upload a backup of pawprints?

  11. Yes please, i want to get back my site

  12. Actually i have another account called angelamateur, i want to move that domain to my actual account btw.

  13. fvsegarra

    18 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Accounts merged :)
    So for which accounts shall we upload a backup? I see you have 3 websites on your PRO Plan

  14. Only pawprints please.

    Angelamateur i will upload all, and the other was a mistake but i cant deleate

  15. fvsegarra

    19 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Done! :)

  16. @fvsegarra Hi i have another problem when i try to use the ftp conection this appears to me

    Estado: Logged in
    Estado: Recuperando el listado del directorio...
    Comando: PWD
    Respuesta: 257 "/" is your current location
    Comando: TYPE I
    Respuesta: 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary
    Comando: PASV
    Respuesta: 227
    Entering Passive Mode (67,222,155,158,216,76)
    Comando: MLSDError: Connection timed out after 20 seconds of inactivityError:
    Error al recuperar el listado del directorio

  17. fvsegarra

    20 Jun 2017 Administrator

    Do you still get this error?

  18. Yes

    When i want to enter at the directory

  19. fvsegarra

    21 Jun 2017 Administrator


  20. Unidentified

    21 Jun 2017 Administrator

    @pawprints Try to not use passive, if that does not work, make sure you are not using any type of encryption.

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