Can't connect to FTP

  1. last year

    I can't connect to the FTP Server, i am using the CyberDuck, because i am on the Mac version, but i have tried with CyberDuck and FileZilla but none of them works

  2. Same here. I am using Filezilla and I have even imported the Configuration File downloaded from the FTP section of the cPanel.

    What am I doing wrong?

  3. fvsegarra

    7 Jul 2017 Administrator

    Hi there,
    If you are a PRO user pelase contact the priority support at Sered at or the new phone support you get at +34 933 939 198 or +34 988 985 474 :) PRO users will have way better servers, support and an overall better service than before! Sered will reach you out with an official announcement about this


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